The Dark Knight

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    Great film but Heath Ledger's death has a lot to do with its success. Sorry to be that guy but over rated.
    I honestly believe this is one of the best movies of the past decade or so and is just about right seeing how many agree.Not the best but close.
    This film is underrated despite the fact that the emo masses of the time jumped on Ledger's Joker performance as legendary when n fact he really played the character as a psychotic street punk in a manner that could have been done just as effectively by others. The Dark Knight is underrated because its storyline is the most effective use of game theory as plot construction for adversarial conflict.
    glorified action movie but with one of the best acting performances I have ever seen
    I'm not sure why everyone gets such a boner for these dark/mature revisions of comic book themes. They're pretty boring on the whole. Granted, I wouldn't say DK was a bad movie, but it takes itself way to seriously. I mean people were actually quoting the film to spark philisophical debates. You need to think a bit more in general if Batman is giving you life lessons.
    Attempts to squeeze in Two Face and the Joker in a plot so dark and mildly confusing. I believe that with Heath Ledger's death, this movie did well for those who are easy entertained.
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