The Shawshank Redemption

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    One of the best movies of all time IMO.
    I'd say about right. Incredible film and highly rated.
    I agree with below comment. Anyone who thinks this is the the best movie ever doesn't know anything about movies. Don't rate it as the best. Say it's your favorite. There are 100's of movies that Shawshank will never even be in the same league as. Don't get me wrong, it's a great movie. A really terrific one. IMDB's rating is dumb anyways, it's like a movie Wikipedia, and can not be trusted. If you want a really good poll, Sight&Sound. Great directors and critics themselves vote
    This movie is #1 on IMDB's top 250. Good movie? Yes. Best movie of all time? Nah.
    Should have won the oscar for best picture...just thinking of the end of this movie, where Morgan Freeman narrates his travels through the countryside, gives me goosebumps.
    One of the best movies of all time, full of brilliant performances and a gripping storyline. Morgan Freeman could narrate paint drying and people would watch it.
    An unforgettable, moving, and exceedingly well-made movie.
    It wasn't my favorite movie, so don't speak for me. It is NOT a great movie; it IS overrated. The idea that Tim Robbins was able to dig his way through the wall of his cell without getting caught was laughable. The acting was o.k., but the weak storyline sinks this mess. Blecchhh.
    This was everybody's favorite movie at one point in their lives. It is great and I think most people recognize that. If you don't, you are a straight hater.
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