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    Bono is a cunt.
    They have some real nice songs but they are so overrated by people who say they are the greatest live band. I saw them twice and was bored most of the shows. Like I've said before bands can have good music and still be overrated. U2 is in my top 10 of most overrated bands.
    I can't or won't call their 80's stuff overrated, but not too crazy about anything after Achtung Baby. I'm going to call them "about right."
    i hate this band.
    Pound for Pound maybe the best band of all time.
    Very good,and they are acclained for that. I give them an About Right.
    Before the U2 iPod and the 25 minute speeches about Africa, they were about right, but right now (thanks to the many Bono bashers around the world) they are underrated. But not too underrated because they can still fill stadiums.
    U2 has definitely gotten soft. Their older stuff had grit and substance. Everything after Achtung Baby just doesn't do it for me.
    Tough one ... awesome in the 80's not bad in the rest ... don't deserve the iconic stature they're enjoying with their recent work ... spending a week on a talk show playing is a bad sign.
    I like U2 up until Achtung Baby. After that, overrated!
    wtf is so specially about this band!?!?!
    Went from decent to fat head egomaniacs.
    They are amazing at what they do, which is make music that sells money. It's hard to say someone's over rated when you put it that way. ~right
    I'm not going to say U2 is underrated, but they do get a lot of crap as a talented band.
    Bono's self indulgent egotistical pouting makes U2 overrated. A more humble and reflective lead singer would change the rating
    U2 is pure garbage. The shittiest and the most overrated band in all music history.

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