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    Great in a band or when on heroin. Bland by himself
    So completely and unbelievably overrated as a guitarist and musician. I can appreciate Cream, when removed from the complete lack of creative evolution later in Clapton's career, but it's genuinely difficult for me to think of another musician (with the possible exception of Carlos Santana) who benefitted from simply being in the right place at the right time as the electric guitar began to flourish as a loud, abrasive instrument in the sixties with the advent of loud British amplification and effects pedals (particularly fuzz and wah pedals) began to flood the market. Clapton just happened to take advantage of these things as they began to attain relevance in the burgeoning British hard blues scene. Unlike Hendrix, who was also rooted in American blues, but eventually carved his own unique niche in music, Clapton never really left hard blues. Proponents of Clapton will claim that he "mastered" the blues, as if that isn't a completely fucking offensive idea -- one does not "master" a style of music. Music is an ongoing conversation amongst multiple parties, and Clapton singlehandedly is responsible for generations of sweatpants-clad, cross-armed, geriatric rockers complaining that "kids these days" don't understand what the guitar is all about, etc. Incidentally, these are usually the same people who stand in the audience at Kenny Wayne Sheppard/Johnny Lang/Derek Trucks concerts and marvel in affirmation of the complete lack of creativity and relevance held therein. Eric Clapton might as well be the Wynton Marsalis of rock music. Rock music was revolutionary at one point. How has Eric Clapton changed the world? Truth is, he hasn't. Fuck Clapton, fuck musical conservatism, and fuck you.
    Clapton was a master of the Gibson/Marshall/Vox combo in the '60s. That's why no less than George Harrison called him in to make that Les Paul Eric had given George weep. That's why John Lennon saw him as a possible replacement if George left the Beatles. His work with Cream, particularly with the '64 Gibson SG, inventing the "woman tone" which alone puts him in an elite category among the legends of rock. The Layla album, in which he gladly encouraged young Duane Allman to soar but also laid down some mean riffs, is a masterpiece. Yeah, he changed gears, growing tired of lengthy guitar solos, "gunslinger" status, etc. So he left behind the style that made him an iconic rocker. What did he do then? Mastered the blues, in just about any form you want to hear played, kicked drugs, kicked booze, and just continued to play kick-ass guitar, while selflessly helping others. He is a BRILLIANT musician and philanthropist. His peers, including Harrison, Beck, Page, and many more, certainly respected his talent, and they were a singularly talented bunch. Overrated? How is it possible to overrate someone with such a legacy? If you don't like him, fine, your taste, etc., but overrated? Wow. How are YOU changing the world?
    "Wonderful Tonight" and bad attempts at reggae wipe out any talent he has. He can play the blues well, but his songwriting is poor, his singing is average and he wastes his actual ability - guitar playing. Enormously over-rated.
    Page does circles around Clapton...creatively, stylistically, and even on the fundamental blues level. Listen to "Since I've Been Lovin' You" from Led Zeppelin III. Clapton can't begin to touch that. So many guitarists do circles around Clapton. He's definitely star level, but not superstar.
    I agree, I think Jimmy Page is much more influential and his song writing ability blows clapton away. Look at all the jazz players, Barry Gailbraith or Johnny Smith! Clapton just is a dummed down rocker at best borrowing from the blues and bring overdrive to the masses to the runiation of guitar!
    Definitely overrated. Clapton's a great guitar player and offered some amazing stuff in that area to the bands he was in such as Cream, Yardbirds, Derek and the Dominoes, etc. But that's all he's great at. His song writing and singing are good at best. There isn't anything horrendous about it, just nothing to worship him over. So as a solo artist he's extremely overrated. And I find that people overlook the greatness of Cream's other members, who were on the same level of talent as Clapton.
    Let's face it Eric Borhand Clapton is totaly overrated
    He's idolized my millions of beginner guitarist because they can play some of his stuff. He's lived a charmed musical life with no real orinal stuff. He starts out of England saying he wants to be true the blues, then he gives SRV some back handed complimenst about his one style playing. I just finished his autobio and am more convinced of my opionion !I'm not into guitar worship but do you really think he could do a Riviera Paradis(SRV) or Flying in a Blue Dream(Satch) ? He'd probably re-do them and dumb them down and make millions.
    Dude you can't judge Clapton just on a "best of cd"!! The man has a huge body of work, and if you take into account historical context his work in the late 60s alone puts him in the top 5 all time. The Bluesbreakers album totally blew people's minds and is one of the most influential albums ever. And oh yeah, Clapton was a bigger influence on Hendrix than hendrix was on him
    Let's be honest. Clapton is God. Or at least he is when it comes to wailing guitar solos. The man truly shreds, but continuing in our honesty, let's also admit that he is just a pop-artist. He didn't do anything particularly new or innovative as an artist, though he is often given the credit. Many will also stand up for his grass roots tribute style, but who can name a real rootsy obscure blues master as result of listening to Clapton. He plays guitar very well, but isn't the extraordinary artist he is cracked up to be. And I'm still mad at him for Riding with the King. That was just terrible. In my opinion, Clapton was at his best with Ginger and Jack.
    When I put Eric Clapton as over rated I certainly am not saying that he is bad, I actually like him, but he is overhyped. Before I started listening to him I he had been hyped to me as a great blues rock guirarist. So when I first picked up his best of CD i was expecting some great blues-rock similar to the Rolling Stones. however I was dissapointed, finding very few traces of influence from the likes of Robert Johnson or Muddy Waters. Clapton is not bad, he is just over rated and over hyped as a blues rock artist.

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