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    Are they awful musicians? No. Not trailblazing originality, but that's ok. A band can spend it's time stealing from others and make great music. Perhaps if Muse's music was wed to good lyrics, they'd be something worth paying attention to, but Bellamy's lyrics are about the worst of any popular band out there. It's like he decided to give a big Fuck You to everything his teachers ever taught him in his English classes. It's as if he decided to embrace the Passive in a deathgrip and hasn't let go since. You can find the same sound with good lyrics. Go on, it's not that hard. But most people don't want to pay too much attention to their music, and so we end up with things like Muse.
    Awesome band.
    While I do really like Muse, I will admit they are a little overrated, especially with their recent albums. The first three albums are fantastic, however.
    I quote myself from RYM: "You know what I hate the most about them? They are whinny, but I'm ok with that. What I hate is when they're being whinny they turn their loud guitars and stuff as if they were pretending to be tough guys despite that they've cried all the way through."
    I agree with SpookyGhost. I'll add that it's way too obvious that they're influenced by Queen and Radiohead.
    They are a good band, yes, but with one of the most obnoxious fanbases in all of music sans Tool. Their albums are fun listening, heavy, fast, and catchy; and that's what this band is, not the musical messiah. In fact, with enough listening, songs will blend together, and albums will sound like one big overblown solo.
    One of the most talented bands ever, and certainly one of the best live performers...and yet many people have never heard of them
    A superb band that gets the attention it deserves.

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